About Us


CliMats® is dedicated to provide our customers with the most unique and highest quality car mats. Our digitally measured car mats are designed to fit your automobile perfectly. We are passionate about cars and that is why we have taken upon ourselves to provide you with the most elegant look for your car’s interior.

CliMats ® are digitally laser measured all-weather car mats customized to fit every automobile uniquely. Exclusively designed to not only cover the floor area but also the side panels to provide maximum protection. Each mat is engineered to fit perfectly to shield the floor and side panels, making it almost impossible for any solid or liquid mess to penetrate. The top surface of CliMats ® is made of highest grade synthetic leather giving luxurious aesthetics to car floor and is also waterproof. The bottom of the mat consists of anti-skid surface to provide firm grip with the floor. CliMats ® are engineered with environmentally safe materials and manufactured to be odour-free.