Which Type of Car Matting Is Best for Your Car?

Keeping the interior of your car tidy can be tough, and in most cases, the first thing to go is the floor. Despite your best efforts, tirelessly vacuuming to remove dirt and dust sometimes will not cut it, leading to permanent damage to your car’s carpet. In order to prevent such damage, and preserve your car’s interior, your best bet is always to install a good set of digitally engineered floor mats, such as Cli-Mats.

Built to Last Against Whatever You Throw At It!

These sleek, stylish, and extremely durable car mats can withstand virtually any damage, including, snow, dirt, and rain. Considering the increase in longevity Cli-Mats provide for your vehicle, this small investment can make all the difference in the way you feel walking into your car in the long run.

Available to over 30 different car makes, and many more models Cli-Mats provide the floor of your vehicle with complete protection, the likes of which are unrivalled. These state of the art floor mats are completely water-proof, but they boast all-weather technology, making them resilient to damage in even the toughest of conditions.

Quality Materials, Quality Design

With their elegant, sleek design, and synthetic leather of the highest grade, Cli-Mats are among the most aesthetically pleasing on the market. But their design should be given credit only for their looks, but also for the utility of their design.

If your lifestyle demands you get your boots dirty, you can rest assured that Cli-Mats are there to save the day.

The design of a Cli-Mat features an anti-skid surface to provide long-lasting traction and durability. These floor mats also offer odour free technology, fire retardant material, as well as a brilliantly engineered grid design to trap messes made by dirt, sand, mud, and snow. Digitally measured, and cut with precision by high-powered lasers, Cli-Mats are designed to fit flawlessly into any vehicle they’re designed for, making installation and removal a breeze.
Thanks to the fact that Cli-Mats are easy to clean and maintain, they typically last an extremely long time. As easy as removing, washing, drying, and slipping them back into your car, having car mats that look brand new, all the time, has never been easier. That being said, if ever a defect or damage were to be detected, Cli-Mats product quality is fully backed by granting all users a lifetime warranty. In addition to its countless other advantages, you’ll be happy to hear that Cli-Mats offers free express shipping across North America at absolutely no extra cost.