Three Easy and Useful Tips to Restore your Vehicle's Interior

There are few things as rewarding as cleaning up a dirty room. We’ve all experienced it: That satisfaction, the sense of accomplishment that comes from transforming your bedroom from a disorganized mess to a tidy sanctuary for you to collect your thoughts in. Ever cleaned up a messy desk? Reorganized your wardrobe? Cleaned up inside your car? If ever you have, you’ll find that what all these situations have in common is that same satisfaction. The simple reason for this? Most working adults in North America typically describe themselves as stressed out, tired, and under pressure, all feelings that elicit a sense of internal chaos, which is then projected into our environments.  Because we associate a chaotic environment with a chaotic lifestyle, it’s easy to see why in contrast a clean space puts can make people feel at ease, in control of their situation, and confident that they can handle tasks.

Restoring your vehicle’s interior doesn’t just create a great impression for any that enter, and help preserve the value of your car, it enables you to stay on top of your day with a far heightened sense of competency and helps keep your attitude in peak condition throughout the day. To make sure you feel on top of your life, here are Cli-Mats’ three most useful tips you can use to help restore the interior of your vehicle.

Carpet, Upholstery, and Leather Care Spray

Investing in a cleaning kit for your car is a small investment, that goes a very long way. In terms of quickly transforming your car from unkempt to neat in the fastest time possible, a cleaning kit will be your most valuable player, as this combination of care products specially put together for your car, will make all the difference. Although each car-care kit will vary depending on the needs of a specific vehicle, typically they will include items that detail the interior of your car, such as leather care sprays, upholstery sprays, dashboard wipes, as well as a carpet cleaner.

Nothing screams new car quite like shiny leather seats that look good as new. With the addition of a leather care spray to your car cleaning tool kit, get used to walking into a car that looks just like it did on the day that you bought it, if not better! Today, thanks to advancements in technology, there exist sprays multi-surface sprays, that can clean your leather, dashboard, and fabric all with one quick and easy spray. These all surface cleaning sprays usually come in different scents, common ones being orange and vanilla. Car care kits like these also come equipped with amenities such as car fresheners, carpet sprays, and much more!

Considering a Car Mat

Though other items on this list provide quick fixes that you’ll notice right away, nothing will offer the same level of long-term protection as a high-quality car mat, such as a Cli-Mat. These car mats provide value to your vehicle by protecting your car carpet from taking all the damage of any spills or messes that might be made while on the road. Cli-Mats are so much more than a set of sleek, stylish, floor mats- they’re cut with exact precision, cut with cutting-edge laser technology, specially designed to trap any mess that it encounters, all weatherproof, and completely odour retardant, there’s not much that Cli-Mats can’t do!

Lubricate Your Seat Tracks

This simple and easy trick completely changes what it feels like to be inside your car. Having your seats glide seamlessly in their tracks will quickly remind you what it was like to drive your car when you first made the purchase. Just slide your seat right to the front of the track, pick away at the old grease that has been building up over the years, and make sure that it is all completely removed. Then, with a high-quality lubricant, carefully apply the fresh spray along the tracks. With just those few steps, sitting behind the wheel, as well as travelling as a passenger in your vehicle, will make for superb comfort.
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