Best Car Accessories that Every Owner Needs

To many, a person’s car is a prized possession that one will spend countless hours working on and making sure that it is kept in top notch condition. This can include regularly cleaning it from top to bottom, using the most premium gasoline and even vacuuming up every last crumb between those seats.

Aside from the regular cleaning and maintenance, you and your car deserve to be up to date on the latest accessories and gadgets that can improve your overall driving experience. With the vast amount of new technologies in circulation as well as the ease of online shopping, it has never been easier and more exciting to incorporate new features to your ride.

In this list we’ll explore 10 of the latest tech, tools and attachments that your car needs to bring your car game to the next level.


Accessorizing your beloved vehicle with a floor mat that’s been meticulously crafted from the absolute highest quality synthetic leather is a great way to not only personalize and add flavour to the aesthetic of your car, with its clean and smart  detailing, but also to add utility to the floor of your car. With a state of the art grid design that traps dirt in its tracks, and laser precision measurement and cuts to make sure they fit perfectly into the floor of your favorite car, Cli-Mats are an easy upgrade to your car that will catch any passenger’s eye, and provide you with the plentiful benefits of a high quality car mat, such as waterproofing for your carpet and odor protection.


The dash cam is a key feature that any car owner could use and benefit from. These cameras sit securely on top of your dash and provide video record of any incidents that may occur. This can include car wrecks, hit and runs and even theft. The dash cam is a major security feature that provides you with added insurance that costs between $60 on the low end and go up to $150 for the top models.


The dash cam isn’t the only useful camera that can be brought into your car. While the dash cam captures the messes after they happen, the rear-view camera helps prevent others. With the rear-view camera you can have eyes on the back of your vehicle to help with reverse safely and avoid any unnecessary and unwanted collisions. These rear-view cameras cost between $50 to $140 and can save you hundreds or even thousands in damages.


Multi-Port USB Charger


With all the smartphones and tablets that come with a modern family, this small and affordable accessory gives everyone the chance to charge up and get back to your games, favourite tv shows or music. These go anywhere from $5 to $30 depending on the amount of USB ports that you’ll need.



An OBD adapter or onboard diagnostics adapter is a great tool to cut down on your trips to the mechanic. This tool syncs with your car’s diagnostics and helps to determine the issues that it may be experiencing. Now whenever your check engine light comes on, you’ll have a better idea of what exactly is going on. This tool can be found for as little as $20 with a free phone app to keep you updated on your car issues.


An air purifier is the next level to freshening your car. It not only eliminates the smells that linger in your car, but it also cleans the air of contaminants such as dust, pollen, bacteria and dandruff. This is perfect for those who suffer from allergies and want to avoid any unnecessary sneezing during their roadtrips. This purifier easily plugs into your car and go for $15 to $20.

Phone Mount


The phone mount is a an accessory that is a must for any drivers. A good phone mount keeps your device in a stable and secure position that is easily viewed when needed. This allows you to use your phone as a GPS system or even to quickly view incoming texts or emails while keeping your hands on the wheel. The mounts range from $10 to $30 and can attach to various parts of your car such as your dash, windshield or even clip onto your vents.


Not everyone is driving the latest car with the newest features. This accessory is for those of you who might be living in the past, but want to enjoy the tech of the present. With this adapter, you can connect your phone via bluetooth through that old cassette player in your car. Now you can connect your phone and play your music instead of having to scan through those fuzzy radio stations. This adapter can be found for only $10 and is definitely worth the investment.

The bottom line is CliMats should be considered as your next car accessorory for your vehicle. To learn more get started by searching for your vehicle type here.

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